Thursday, April 17, 2014

China Glaze - Aquadelic

Hey y'all!  I have had Aquadelic on my wishlist since it came out in the spring of 2012 with the Electropop collection.  I kept trying to tell myself that I didn't need it but finally recently caved.

Boy am I glad I did.  It's SO pretty and unlike any other color I have in my stash.

This is 2 coats with a topcoat.  A gorgeous beachy aqua cream.

I really expected, and no idea why, this to be a pain and act more like a neon.  Thankfully it didn't, but I was hoping it would be a little bit brighter.  That being said, I still love this shade.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Turdminator - Product Review

Hey y'all!  Just a little warning that I'm about to talk about something personal & what some may be offended by, so if you don't want to read go ahead & exit out.  We all do it, but I don't have any issue talking about it. 

For those of you sticking around, I hope you laugh as much as I do about this product.

Let me start by saying I have serious stomach issues.  I won't go into too much detail, but I pretty much have to know where every public restroom is when I go out.  If I'm driving somewhere, I take the route that has access to restrooms instead of one that doesn't. If you have to go in public, or even in yours or a friends home, you don't want the scent to linger.  Air freshener just doesn't cut it, it only masks it.

I'm sure you've all seen the spray in certain bookstores or on QVC and had a laugh.  I've wanted to try it forever, but decided to go the Etsy route instead. It was then that I came upon Butt Nekkid Bath Botique.  I've been using these for a few weeks now and I'm completely sold.

I discovered later they also have a website specifically for this product, which is The Turdminator, where more scents are offered.  I picked Emergency Evacuation in a larger home size and Smells Like Roses in a smaller purse size. 

Emergency Evacuation has the aroma of coffee.  Who doesn't like the smell of coffee?  If you don't, it beats the smell of poo.  I'm just sayin'.  This is the larger, 2oz. size which retails for $7USD.   Perfect for home use.

Smells Like Roses is just that.  It's constantly putting the OutKast song in my head.  This is the smaller, 1oz. size which retails for $5.50.  Fits perfectly in your purse.

Each bottle has this instruction label on it.  I find that I can get away with 2-3 sprays, which of course will make the bottle last longer.  Both smell amazing and cover the smell completely.  Even if you forget, you can flush & immediately spray this to get rid of that smell.  Smells Like Roses is a tad bit stronger than Emergency Evac in the fragrance department, but they both kill the odor.

While my "condition" isn't hilarious, I have to laugh.  This makes me feel better about having to go in public also.  Even the names crack me up.  How can you not laugh at names such as Dookie Howser, Attack Of The Klingons, Harry Squatter, and Toot Sea Roll?

They also have a trial size available, which only has up to 5 uses.  I honestly want to try all of the fragrances and all of the bath products, especially their cleansing conditioner.  You can find those on the Butt Nekkid website. 

Note: I purchased these products myself & my review is 100% honest. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Somersets Women's Shaving Oils

**Press Sample**

Hey y'all!  Today I have a review of some shaving oils that I recently received & have been using for a month or so.  

Somersets Shaving Oils are formulated with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree, and Rosemary.  These oils help to create a lubricating barrier between the skin and the razor providing more glide for a truly comfortable shave.  They do not contain any chemicals that can harm the skin or the environment.  Best of all, in a pinch, they can be used without water.  

Just 4-5 drops per leg enables women to get a close, smooth shave without nicks, cuts, or razor burn.  One 15ml bottle yields up to a month of shaves.

Extra Sensitive is formulated for the legs and underarms.  It contains aloe vera to soothe and leave skin refreshed & silky smooth. 

Extra Delicate is specially formulated for the bikini line.  It contains tea tree oil to help prevent inflammation and redness, and it also functions as an antibacterial as the bikini area is prone to nicks and cuts.

I've used both of these and like them equally.  They both smell herbal, and I can't pin down exactly one note because they're both packed with oils that are good for your skin.  It's not overpowering though.  They also contain menthol which gives your skin a cooling sensation afterwards.  I quite like it. 

A little goes a long way.  The smaller bottle, which is the 0.5oz. isn't even halfway empty yet and I've barely put a dent in the larger 1.2oz bottle.  So I feel you'll get your moneys worth of this product.  I definitely recommend this as you can actually SEE where you need to shave and it moisturizes while allowing you to get as close of a shave as possible.  It's PERFECT for travel.

Retail Price: $6.99USD (15ml/0.5oz) & $14.99USD (35ml/1.2oz)

Availability: Online at and Somersets.  Also available at select food/drug stores nationwide, you can see the Store Locator HERE

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fresh Paint Lollipop Hammer

Hey y'all!  Today I have a BRIGHT pretty to share.  It's so bright that when I went to photograph it, I'd forgotten to change my shutter speed back to what I use for nail pics and the first few I took blinded me when I opened them in Photoshop. 

Thankfully I glanced at my display and saw the mistake before I turned the camera off.  I literally had 30 or so pictures, most of which were perfect.  I had a difficult time nailing it down to just these 4.

This is 3 coats, though it's easily a 2 coater, with seche on top.  It's a crelly formula, but pretty opaque after the 2nd coat.

I giggle every time I see the name because it makes me think of the song "Lollipop" and Thor's Hammer. 

I think this actually matches the phone case I got from Five Below as well. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fresh Paint Divine!

Hey y'all!  A while back I went to Five Below, just to get a few polishes.  My stash was just below the 600 mark and I had to hit that number.  Last time I got close, I did a HUGE destash.  I just can't do it this time. 

Anywho, Divine! is one of the 3 I picked up...since they have 3 for $5.

This is 3 coats, though 2 would have been fine, with a top coat.  It's a mid tone pinkish purple crelly that is almost a neon. 

You can see it used HERE as a base color for some cupcake nails I did.  :D

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My DIY Holographic Cell Phone Case

Hey y'all!  I'm a bit obsessed with cell phone cases.  Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S4, I've been buying phone cases like crazy.  Cheap ones though.  I have a few that I like, a few that I've discovered don't fit, and I wanted to personalize one or two.  Most of the ones I've purchased from Ebay. I will warn you to be careful.  At least 2 that I have are way too small for my phone and do not fit, thankfully they weren't more than a buck.  I found some clear ones for under $1 each and ordered 3 that do fit.

I'm giving away my age a bit here, but back in the day when I had a pager I envied all of my friends that had cute cases for them.  I personalized my own with nail polish, of course.  The clip was even glow in the dark.  

Outside cell phone shots
While one is still in progress I knew I wanted to do a holo one.  I started off with a base color, so I didn't use so much holo, of Finger Paints Minimalistic Mauve.  I did 2 coats, letting each dry a few hours in between, before applying China Glaze QT.  (I see people gasping that I used a HTF, but it's too pretty NOT to.)  After 2 coats of QT, I did a basic top coat.  I think I gave it a day or so between "polishes" to allow everything to dry. 

I couldn't leave it at just that, so I contacted Linda at Nail Vinyls to get more info about her small I <3 Nail Polish decal.   I didn't want the oval, though it would fit on the case, but I wanted to use the "insides" and rotate them to display vertically on the case.  She got back to me with the sizes and I ordered a black one to go with the pink.  I think the large would possibly fit too. 

Indoor and outdoor cell phone shots.
When I got my decal in the mail, I took an X-acto knife to cut the middle out and separated each piece.  Then using tweezers for placement, I applied and made sure they were stuck onto the case per the included directions before peeling the transfer tape off.  It was super easy & I love it.  I'm debating on adding a topcoat to seal in the vinyl because it's permanent. 

What do y'all think??


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